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How to send files between smartphones with Mi Drop

Do you have several Xiaomi smartphones connected to the same WiFi network and need to send files between different devices? In this case you can use the Xiaomi app Drop me, integrated in all devices that mount MIUI, for send files between smartphones quickly and with very few configuration steps.

In this guide I will show you how to use Mi Drop correctly when you want to exchange files between Xiaomi devices and how you can use Mi Drop when you want to exchange files between a Xiaomi device and a device from any other manufacturer.

NOTE: the devices on which to exchange the files must be connected to the same WiFi network; otherwise, smartphones will create an Ad Hoc network to exchange files automatically, so as to exchange files even without WiFi coverage.

How to use Mi Drop

Send files between Xiaomi smartphones

If you need to exchange files between two Xiaomi devices, just open Mi Drop on both to start the exchange. Open the icon of Drop me among those present in the homescreen, so as to start the service.

send files between smartphones

Once the program has started, you will have to choose "who receives" and "who sends" by simply tapping one of the two items in the Mi Drop app.

send files between smartphones

On the smartphone that will send the file, select the button Submit, while on the smartphone that is to receive tap on the button you receive.

The recipient smartphone will wait for the file, as confirmed by the screen that appears.

send files between smartphones

The sending smartphone will instead show you a file manager where you can select the file or files (photos, videos, documents etc.) you want to send.

send files between smartphones

Once you have selected the file to be sent, just press the Send button; the app will search for the recipient device and after a few seconds it will start transferring the file.

send files between smartphones

The transfer speed depends on the type of WiFi network used, but always faster than the transfer via Bluetooth.

Send files between different smartphones

In addition to Xiaomi smartphones, you can also use Mi Drop to send files between smartphones from other manufacturers. If you have a Xiaomi smartphone but your friend doesn't, all you have to do is use the voice present at the bottom of the Mi Drop app.

send files between smartphones

A screen will open where you can share files easily, just follow the steps described below:

  • Connect your friend's smartphone to the Ad Hoc WiFi network created by the app (with the name of the network and the password to be used)
  • Open a mobile browser on the recipient smartphone
  • Enter the URL link provided by the app with the IP and the port
  • Alternatively scan the QR code to immediately open the link without having to enter it by hand

You can see all the steps in the image below.

send files between smartphones

Alternatively, you can install the Mi Drop app on the non-Xiaomi smartphone, being compatible with any Android device and available for free; the link is provided directly by QR code on the same page.

send files between smartphones

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