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How to identify and recognize an image font

If you've ever wondered that character type or font is used in a text, logo or image, there are various ways to find out through online services and smartphone applications. In this article we see how to discover the font present in an image and other tips, which can be reached quickly from this menu:

  1. How to identify a font through online services
  2. App to recognize fonts (iOS and Android)
  3. Sites to download free fonts
  4. How to install Fonts

How to identify a font through online services

WhatTheFont, the service that allows by uploading an image (therefore also a screenshot or an inscription clipping) to recognize a font with extreme precision or in any case to find someone very similar.

Start by connecting to the site you find here:

Link | WhatTheFont

For the most accurate recognition possible, the site suggests having an image with the text horizontally, at least 100pixel vertical and making sure that the letters do not touch each other. The more characters the text has, the easier it will be. precise identification of the font.

Let's start with:

  1. Upload the image we want to identify the font by clicking on "Choose file"
  2. Click on "Continue"

upload image to recognize fonts

The image that can be uploaded can be of the following formats: PNG, GIF, or JPEG and with a maximum size of 2 MB.

For example, we did a test with the logo of Facebook.

facebook logo

At this point, we check that the characters have been correctly identified. If this is not the case, we change the corresponding letters or leave empty spaces if the wrong identification (there is no character in the image).

edit font

We always go on with "Continue". A list of possible fonts will be presented. We choose what seems "closest" to the original one. It is not always possible to trace exactly the same font used, especially when there are few characters in our image.

App to recognize fonts (iOS and Android)

For those who want recognize fonts via app, we recommend using the application WhatTheFont which can identify fonts from an image in your gallery or from a photo to be taken with your camera. The application available at the following links:

Once the application has been downloaded and installed, the operation is very simple. The interface with only three buttons:

  1. This button allows you to recognize a font from a photo in the smartphone gallery
  2. From here you can identify a font by taking a photo via the smartphone camera
  3. This button allows you to activate the flash, deactivate it or put it in automatic mode
  4. In the central screen we tried to take a photo and the application recognized all the textual parts where it was possible to identify a font, for example, in the right screen we chose to identify the font of the Giardiniblog logo.
  5. To start the recognition, simply press the central blue button that you find at the bottom. With the button on the left instead you can rotate the image and with the right button to select a part of the image to be recognized.

find font app

At the end of the procedure, a series of fonts will be listed, among which you may find the one used in the acquired image or fonts very similar to it. Also possible via the pencil icon, write new text and have a preview of how it looks and take a screenshot manually if this is useful for you.

recognize smartphone fonts

A valid alternative, if this app does not satisfy you instead Find My Font, downloadable from the following links:

Sites to download free fonts

Many fonts, due to their particularity, are often paid, but there are many sites from which they can be downloaded for free.

To help you, we have collected all these sites in one of our articles: Sites to download free fonts

How to install Fonts

Once you find the font, you just have to install it on your computer, to have it available on all your programs, from Wordpad to Office up to Photoshop.

To install fonts you can follow this very fast guide: How to install fonts