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How to get unlimited free space on Google Photos

The Google Photos app allows you to store your images and videos taken from your device on the Cloud in a simple and safe way. For those who own a Google Pixel device, the space available is even unlimited, completely free of charge. Would you like the same possibility on your smartphone but you don't have a Google Pixel? Read on and find out how to get unlimited free space on Google Photos with any Android smartphone.

As we know, Google Photos base provides users with 15 GB of free space to save on the cloud, a backup copy of the photos taken with the mobile device.If instead in the Settings of the app you will go to selectHigh qualityat the entryLoading dimensions(sectionBackup and synchronization), you can store an unlimited number of photos but they will be resized in their original shooting quality.

The purpose of this guide is to find out how to get unlimited space on Google Photos from any Android device, with original quality. Read on to no longer have limits on photo backup on your Android smartphone.

Like having on Google Photos unlimited free space with any Android smartphone

Google Photos unlimited space 1

If you are here it means that you are looking for a way to get unlimited space on Google Photos without reducing the quality of origin. You will be happy to know that there is a trick to deceive the application, making you believe that your smartphone is a Google Pixel, so you can facilitate the bonus of unlimited space.

The very simple procedure, as long as you have root permissions on your mobile phone.

Below, we will see the steps to follow to have unlimited free space on Google Photos with any Android device with root permissions.

  1. If your device still does not have root permissions, you can find the right guide for your smartphone among those published by us here.
  2. Downloadxus.xmls on your phone.
  3. Open unroot file manage your choice. You can find the best in this guide.
  4. Copy the filenexus.xmldownloaded in step 1 in/ System / etc / sysconfig.
  5. Set file permissions to 644 (rw-rr), always with the root file manager.
  6. Restart your smartphone.
  7. Once the device has restarted, go to the information page on Google Photos and delete all the data of the app.

With this little trick, if you have faithfully followed all the steps, you will be able to take advantage of an unlimited space on Google Photos in a completely free way! In addition, you can also have exclusive wallpapers available.

If for some reason the above steps don't work, then you will need to manually edit the filebuild.prop that it is located in the folder / system, going to edit the 4 keys as indicated below. Open the file, find the following lines and change the values ??to match the following lines:

  • ro.product.model= Pixel 2 XL
  • ro.product.brand= Google
  • ro.product.manufacturer= Google
  • ro.opa.eligible_device= true

It is also possible to use a build.prop editor application that is slightly easier to use than a standard text editor and a file browser.

Download | BuildProp Editor

This little trick not only allows you to store unlimited photos and videos on Google Photos, but also some categories of exclusive wallpapers in the Google Wallpapers app.

Recall that the Google Photos promotion dedicated to Google Pixel owners still has a deadline, but it is about years, so you can take advantage of this trick for quite some time!

Via: XDA