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How to download videos from Facebook

Have you ever wondered if it's possible download videos from Facebook? I s and, as you can already imagine, I have discovered sites or procedures that will allow you to download videos from Facebook. In this article I will show you two very simple methods that will allow you to download videos from Facebook for free and very quickly. With the download videos from Facebook, you will have the opportunity to watch videos offline, even without the need for an internet connection.

How to download videos from Facebook

How to download a video from Facebook:First method

The first method to download a video from Facebook quite ingenious. It does not require the use of any site or program outside of Facebook and takes advantage of a particular Facebook feature. In fact, have you ever noticed that from your smartphone you can download Facebook videos without particular ingenuity? In fact, there is the Download function not only for photos, but also for videos on mobile devices. So why not use the mobile version of Facebook also on your PC to download videos from Facebook?download videos from Facebook 1

It is a little trick that will use Facebook's mobile app to download videos to your computer. Read on to discover the simple steps that will allow you to download videos from Facebook using the features offered by the social network itself:

  1. From your computer, open your favorite browser and open the mobile version of Facebook by clicking on this link: Facebook mobile.
  2. The mobile version will open, which graphically is not beautiful to look at, but allows us to achieve the goal.
  3. Find the video you want to download and click on Play to start it.
  4. Now click on with the right key mouse.
  5. Click onSave video as …download videos from Facebook 1
  6. By default, the video in mp4 format will be saved in your computer's Downloads folder, but if you want, you can change the destination.
  7. After choosing the destination folder, click onSave.

Here is downloaded your first video from Facebook without using external tools. But this is not the only method, read on to find out another way to download videos from Facebook.

How to save videos from Facebook:Second method

While in the first method it is not necessary to use any third-party software besides Facebook itself, using this other method you will have to use a website that offers exactly this service. The site that I recommend Downvids, which you can reach from your browser by accessing the site

As you may have guessed, this is an online method that uses your favorite browser to download videos from Facebook, simply by pasting the url in the appropriate download bar of the site. Let's see what the procedure to follow.

To get started, start Facebook in desktop format on your computer. After searching for the video to download, start it by clicking on Play. Now you need to search for the video URL and copy it. To get the url of the video you are viewing on Facebook, just click with the right mouse button on the video itself. An overlay menu will appear and you will simply have to click on the item "Show video URL".download videos from Facebook 2

At this point a banner will appear superimposed with the URL of the video you are watching, just click on it, select it and copy it.

download videos from Facebook 3

After copying it, open the website downvids.netand paste the URL into the site's Download line.

download videos from Facebook - downvids

Click on the "Download! "that you find to the right of the box, and so you started the file download procedure. You will see that another banner will appear and you will have to click on ?Download this video ". Now the video in mp4 format will be downloaded to the Downlod folder of the computer. If you want you can also select the video resolution format by choosing between SD, HD or FullHD. Here, now you have the video file that you can use it as you want.

Save videos from Facebook by following this guide that illustrates two different methods to download videos from Facebook to your computer, to be able to watch them offline.

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