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Google Photos deletes the images after backup, to make space in memory

The system recognizes which images have already been saved in backup and deletes them from the smartphone

(Photo: Maurizio Pesce / Wired)(Photo: Maurizio Pesce / Wired)

The number one enemy of space in smartphones, the image gallery. Photos on photos preserved because one useful, the other you took for the guy and the boy, this is a memory, but it seems to you that the gate, and the increasing number of megapixels that makes them increasingly bulky. Google Photos could have the solution: if it already automatically saves each photo taken, with the update available for Android, it provides a button in Settings called "Free up space", that is make free space.

Touching it will erase all local photos that have already been saved in backup. The function was available for those who saved photos in high resolution, while now for everyone and on some model of Android smartphone they will be able to also delete the copy on the SD cardsThe feature is expected to be available for iOS soon.

Another new arrival for the web version: those who have saved the photos in high resolution will be able to compress them directly by Google to save space. And after the useful option to hide the ex's photos, here is the assistant to reorder Google Photos: it is always about saving space.


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