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Google experiments with streaming apps

In Mountain View they index the contents of the apps on Android; even those not installed on the searcher's phone


Google is taking a giant step forward: the Mountain View house has in fact started to extend the results of its research to content hosted within the apps available in the Play Store. The latter will be indexed in a similar way to what already happens for web pages, maps, images and news; the information within them will be made available through the classic search bar Google on smartphone.

It means that through this service users can perform searches both within platforms to which they are registered or for which they have the software installed on the phone, and within apps that don't have. And if in fact the user does not have the app necessary to view the search result on the smartphone, Google comes to the aid: the software runs remotely, on the multinational's cloud servers and streamed video to the recipient, without the latter having to install anything.

Service being released in the United States and involves a very limited number of partners, who made arrangements with Google long ago to join the preview initiative. Currently the indexed apps are only Chimani, Daily Horoscope, Gormey, Hotel Tonight, My Horoscope, New York Subway, Useful Knots, Visual Anatomy Free and Weather, but their number destined to increase and the support should also extend to the iOS platform which for now excluded from the games.


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