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Firefox also arrives on iOS

The Mozilla browser finally arrives also on Apple devices

(Photo: Mozilla)(Photo: Mozilla)

After the Firefox OS demo that arrived a few hours ago on Android, Mozilla has also reserved a surprise for iOS users. The foundation has finally announced the availability of its own Firefox browser for iPhone and iPad.

A preliminary version – dedicated to a limited number of users – made its appearance in May, while the public beta had started circulating a few months later. The one that can be downloaded from the App Store starting yesterday for the final version, rebuilt from scratch to adopt Apple's Webkit rendering engine. Just the difficulty (and initially the reluctance) to make the leap from the Gecko technology adopted on the other platforms caused the delay in the arrival of Firefox on iOS.

The browser compatible with the versions of the operating system starting from 8.2, already optimized for the iPad Pro extra large screen and brings the most appreciated features of the desktop and mobile versions already released on other platforms, such as anonymous browsing, intelligent search through an omnibar and synchronization of pages across multiple devices.


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