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Facebook launches Notify, the news app

The application notifies the user of the latest news of topics that interest him most: they can also be shared and saved from the lock screen

Less than a month from the rumors released, here it is, Notify, the new Facebook app that notifies its users of the information they want. There are 70 media partners (all of them) at the moment, and it is they who are playing a new opportunity to convey their information and make it reach a wider audience.

Notify was born to offer "Timely notifications about the things you care about, from the sources you love, in one place", writes Julian Gutman, Product Manager.

By subscribing to the Stations you will be able to receive notifications from sources that publish a certain kind of news. The notifications will arrive on the smartphone and by clicking you will be sent back to the article or video that is.

Interesting is the function that allows you to share the notification directly from the lock screen, or save it so you can consult it calmly.


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