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Everalbum, challenge to Google and Dropbox for online photo storage

Automatic backup of photos from multiple sources – camera roll and social media – and possibility to share: downloaded worldwide, translated into 15 languages


They have dedicated the last year and a half to perfecting the product, without thinking about marketing, communication. Still, they are talked about anyway. The Everalbuminfatti app, ranked eleventh among the Productivity Apps in the United States, and ranked first (says the site) in another 75.

What Everalbum does, playing it with Google Photos and Dropbox, offer an archive space for photos, and at the same time give the possibility to share them with friends. The backup function can be connected to multiple sources, be they the smartphone's camera roll, or your Facebook account. Unlimited space already in the free version, which saves the photos in high resolution; but be careful, because the "full" resolution dedicated to the Pro version, as already happens with Google Photos. The photos are then organized into albums to be shared.

The app translated into 15 languages, and very intuitive. Co-founder Andrew Dudum explained to Business Insider that he wanted to create an app understandable for anyone. Usage demographics are demonstrating a uniform distribution, giving it reason. Who knows what else he can do when he decides to invest in marketing too.


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