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Download VLC latest version

VLC a very versatile and truly powerful multimedia program, capable of playing most of the multimedia files in circulation, without the need to install external codecs, as required by many other programs.You can then run e view most audio and video formats most popular (MPEG-2, H.264, DivX, MPEG-4, WebM, WMV, etc.) without the boredom of where to install of codec special.

The release of a new version of VLC always brings some improvements especially from the point of view of performance and stability.

Among the features worthy of note, first of all the possibility of using thehardware acceleration of video cards on Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Linux, in order to decrease the workload of the processor and use the power of the video card to process the movies so as to have smooth and jerky videos, this is especially noticeable with videos in HD (high definition); I personally tried a file MKV HD, with the old versions the footage was jerky, now perfectly fluid.

Another peculiarity is the possibility to play videos in VP-8is MPEG-4 losslessalso VLC provides a plugin for browsers to support and improve streaming video viewing.

There is also the availability of add-ons and framework scripts that allow you to extend the functionality of VLC, so that developers can create new extensions to use with VLC! Well, now you just have to download and install it:

Download | VLC latest version

The program available for various operating systems in addition to Windows, such as macOS, Linux, Android and iOS.