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Download music for free on iPhone and iPad

Everyone listens to or downloads music. The iPod turned the music market upside down and many people listened to their favorite songs through the famous Apple player. Times have changed today. Most of us have a smartphone in our pocket and most of the listening takes place through this tool. The iPod has been replaced by the smartphone. A single device to manage our whole life. Many wonder how to go about it download free music on iPhone and iPad. If you also fall into this category of people looking for free music to download, then this article is for you. In fact, you will discover how to download music for free on iPhone in a completely simple way.

It can be difficult to find free music to download legally on iPhone and iPad. On the Apple Store there are many valid services such as Spotify or Deezer. Also in iOS Apple Music is present by default. They are all valid services, but which do not allow you to download songs for free, because they require a monthly cost to be used. Below I would like to show you the best apps to download music for free on iPhone and iPad. If you are interested in knowing such as download music to iPhone, I recommend you also read this article.

Download music for free on iPhone and iPad

Download songs for free with FinalTube3

Youtube one of the most used means to listen to streaming music. From PC very comfortable to use. But when we are away from home, listening to songs via YouTube from your smartphone becomes a very inconvenient operation. First of all, we cannot lock the screen or exit the official app, otherwise the song being played will be interrupted. Furthermore, seeing many videos under a cellular data network can lead us to consume all the gigabytes of the tariff plan in a few hours.

There are many applications on the App Store that allow you to solve these two problems. I advise you to try FinalTube3. an app that allows you to blind music for free to download, extrapolating the audio from the videos and saving them on the iPhone for listening without consuming cellular data. This way you can store all your music on iPhone so that you can listen to it anywhere, anytime.

  • In order to download the application on your iPhone, access the official website of the developer.
  • Now press the button Download iOS version.
  • Confirm the download and wait for the app to be installed.
  • Once the download is complete, go to Settings -> General -> Profile and device management.
  • Select Darkwing, Inc. and authorizes the developer by clicking on the relevant button.

Download free music on iPhone 3At this point you can go back to the Home screen and start FinalTube3. Through it you can search for all your favorite songs and play them in streaming, or download them by pressing the button with writing MP3 present above each video.

Download free music on iPhone with Musi

Musi it can be considered the best free music streaming application for iOS. fast, easy to use and you can download it from the App Store on all iOS devices.

Musi allows you to stream music directly from YouTube. It allows you to create playlists, share music with friends and more. Musi it also manages streaming to any device with AirPlay enabled.Download music for free on iPhone 4Here is a brief overview of Musi's features:

  • Stream any song from YouTube.
  • Stream music to any AirPlay enabled device.
  • Create endless playlists and organize your music
  • You can control Musi through your car, stereo, and more.

With over 100 million songs streaming, Musi is the best experience to download music for free on iPhone that you find on the App Store.

Free songs to download by FMA

FMA a free music application that allows you to download and share "Featured Playlists" with friends. You can also select your favorite songs and save them to listen to them offline. there is also support for sharing songs on major social networks.

FMA stands for Free Music Archive. If you have never heard this theme, you must know that FMA is a digital library of non-profit songs. It offers completely free and legal mp3 songs to listen to streaming and download. The book managed by WFMU, the most renowned American radio station.

Download free music on iPhone 1The songs have always been accessible through the agency's official website. The free application that allows listening to songs on the move has been released for a few years. These are the characteristics of FMA:

  • Choose your favorite genre among Blues, classical music, Country, Electronic, Folk, Hip-Hop, Instrumental, international, Jazz, Old-Time / Historic, Pop, rock, Soul, and much more.
  • Find free songs to listen, share and download thanks to the highlighted playlists.
  • In the app there is a queue of songs to listen to. Access this section to download the songs you like offline.
  • Share music and playlists on Twitter, Facebook, via email and text messages.

Convert video to mp3 with MyMP3

MyMP3 an app that allows you to convert videos to mp3 files. Through MyMP3 you can access your photo gallery in search of movies of your favorite songs to convert into audio files. In order to use this app, you must have previously downloaded your songs in video format on your iPhone and iPad. Among the features of this app there is the possibility to share songs on social media.

With MyMP3 you can quickly convert any video on your iPhone or iPad and turn it into mp3 to listen to it as a normal music file.Download free music on iPhone 2

These are all the features of the application:

  • Convert any video you have in your gallery to mp3.
  • Share mp3 with friends on social networks.
  • Change the metadata of the songs to insert title, author and other information.

Free music to download on iPhone: Conclusions

Many people own a smartphone but not everyone knows how to download music for free on the iPhone. In this article I wanted to show you some methods to download music for free legally.

There are certainly other solutions to find free music to download that I have not mentioned in the guide because they are illegal or because they are already covered in other guides. For example, you may also be interested in this guide.

If you were to know other applications to download music on iPhone for free, we would be pleased if you shared them with us.