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Do you have a brilliant idea? Quirky produces it and pays 30%

All you need is a good idea, or rather a brilliant idea, and Quirky engineer it, produce it, put it up for sale and pay you (30%)

The easiest way to turn a great idea into a real product. This Quirky, much more than a site: a system that takes ideas for new products, engineers them, finances them, produces them and sells them, paying 30% to the inventor. Born in 2009 Quirky has a success story behind it and was born from a very different idea compared to crowdfunding sites such as In the crowdfunding case the inventor asks customers' futures to pre-finance the idea and deals directly with the engineering and production. . All charges and risks are borne by Quirky, the inventor just has to wait and see his product made and distributed and for which he will collect 30% of the value of online sales and 10% of sales through traditional channels. To date, the site has distributed $ 2 million to inventors.

The founder, Ben Kaufman, created all this to bring very innovative products to the market and the idea works great. Quirky receives around 2,000 proposals for new products a week, and 79 world-wide successes are now 79: 79 ideas that are now objects sold all over the world. The hard selection: hundreds of products are selected and passed to the design department, only a few dozen is then produced. The most successful product to date Pivot Power is an articulated socket that can take various forms. To submit an easy idea just visit the site

Pivot Power, a success

Cordies, cable holder