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Delete Windows 7 SP1 backup files to free …

For a more recent procedure, which runs on the latest Microsoft operating system, refer to the Windows 10 Disk Cleanup guide.

As announced in the previous article, the final version of Windows 7 SP1, the Windows 7 Service Pack 1, which, once installed, retains the old people file (backup) that has been replaced, for a possible restore in case you want to uninstall Windows 7 SP1. These backup files occupy disk space that, in case there are no problems after installing Windows 7 SP1, it can be safely 7 Windows 7 SP1, apart from some improvements, nothing but a mega collection of all the updates released by Microsoft for Windows 7. If after installing Service Pack 1 you do not find any problems on Windows 7 (freezing of the operating system, blue screen or so on) ), you can safely delete backup files to recover disk space.Of course, once the backup files are deleted, it will no longer be possible to uninstall Windows 7 SP1, so do not rush and test your computer for a few days to be sure that with the installation of Windows 7 SP1 no problems have arisen.

Once you are sure that everything works normally, you can proceed with theWindows 7 SP1 backup file deletion and disk space recovery.

There are two ways to delete Windows 7 SP1 backup files to free up disk space: through Windows windows and from the command line (shell), you choose the method you like, the result will still be the same.

Delete Windows 7 SP1 backup files to free up disk space from shell

  1. click the button boot menu Windows 7, in the field Search for programs and files to write cmd.exe, with the right mouse button click Run as administrator on the file that is found and click Yes to the window that will appear;
  2. then the window will open to execute the commands, in this write:dism / online / cleanup-image / spsuperseded and hit enter
  3. I will start the procedure to delete Windows 7 SP1 backup files:
  4. once the procedure is complete (100%) it will be possible to close the window and the job will be finished.

Delete Windows 7 SP1 backup files to free up disk space from Windows

    1. to press windows key + R, write in the window that opens% Systemroot% system32 cleanmgr.exe and press enter;
    2. select the disk on which Windows 7 is installed (ie where the backup files are located) and press OK;
    3. after a while a window will open, click on the button below Cleaning system filesreselect the disk and press OK;

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  1. put a tick in Service Pack backup files to press OK, in the warning window click Deleting files and doing so will delete the backup files of Windows 7 SP1.