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Create a virtual business card with a site on which you can create your own "virtual business card" possible gather all the contact information and, if desired, also share the information found by the various associated services, in order to have everything in a single page accessible to everyone.about me

Of course, you can also insert only the links to your own pages of the services you want to connect, without necessarily sharing more specific information.

The services that can be included on the page are:twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, tumblr., WordPress, Blogger, posterous, flickr, TypePad, foursquare.available services

There is also the possibility of integrating, in addition to simple ones links to web pages personal (and not), even website updates through i RSS feed.

The site allows you to make some customizations of your page (background image, colors, sizes and fonts of the writing) and also provides a page where you can analyze the visits of your profile and interactions with various information.

The site for now in beta and registrations take place only after receiving theInvitationTo receive the invitation and "reserve" a name / nickname just go to the homepage of, enter the email where you want to receive the invitation and indicate the name you want it to be reserved, after which just click on the button green "Reserve My URL".

When the invitation arrives, simply click on the link that will be sent to you via email to activate the account. Once the account has been activated, you can access the account with your username or registration email, but also through Facebook or Twitter.

Your ?virtual business card? will then be reachable by everyone using the internet address: