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Available for download Ubuntu 10.10

Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat a free and open-source operating system based on GNU / Linux, which combines stability, security and ease of use. The new version of Ubuntu tries to simplify even more the installation and its use by the user.ubuntu downloadAmong the various improvements, including thekernel update which optimizes speed and compatibility with new computers, we highlight the Shotwell photo manager, the search and installation of programs simplified with Ubuntu Software Center, improvement of the audio management menu, improved support of external devices (cameras, mobile phones, etc.), better integration of social networks (facebook, twitter, etc.) in some programs, for example for sharing photos, status messages, etc.

You can also create your own free account on Ubuntu One to always keep your data synchronized wherever you are. Despite the fact that there are many free programs to download and install, with Ubuntu 10.10 some commonly used programs are already included, including the internet browsing browser and OpenOffice, the free program for managing text files, spreadsheets, etc.

Ubuntu 10.10 available in various versions (both 32bit and 64bit):

  • Desktop (the version for "normal" computers),
  • Netbook (has graphics optimized for the displays of these computers),
  • Server (presents functions and programs for advanced computer use).

can install Ubuntu 10.10 also from supports USB (in addition to the usual CD / DVD), this is very useful for those computers (netbooks and some notebooks) that do not have the CD / DVD player present.

All the various versions and formats to install Ubuntu 10.10 you can choose them from the official page: Download Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop version Download Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook version Download Ubuntu 10.10 Server version

Those who have already installed previous versions of Ubuntu can follow the guide to update to the new version from the official Italian site.

You can also download the CD in format .iso from torrent files, find the links of the torrent files of all versions of Ubuntu 10.10 on this page of the Italian official site.

If you have a "prehistoric" computer, I still recommend you check the minimum hardware requirements required to install Ubuntu 10.10.