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AR4131, iPod and valves at CES

Acoustic Research presents an interesting hybrid docking system at CES. The interest in this product is given by the combination of a digital source, the iPod, in fact, and a tube amplifier.

The system is a 2.1 with central body equipped with a dock base to which two spearkers of the same shape, but smaller in size, are combined. Squared and robust appearance, the central dock unit houses the valve element and a sobwoofer, while the two satellites integrate the speakers. The technical specifications in terms of power and dimensions were not disclosed.

The hi-fi should be usable with any iPod compatible with Universal Dock. The iPod is inserted in the dock of the central unit, through which it is also kept in continuous charge. The checks can be carried out using the remote control included in the package. The AR4131 also features a secondary input, for connection with other audio devices

The sound performance characterized by a typically valve sound, enhanced by the wood of which the main unit is made, and by the real separation between the left / right channels of the speakers, for an authentically stereo sound.

The package also includes the connection cables for the speakers and an audio cable for additional connections. The Acoustic Research product will be available from next February, at a price of 199 Dollars.