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Apple Store, undo Microsoft (this time) ago

Apple Store, undo Microsoft (this time) ago logomacitynet1200wide 1

Buy a Microsoft Office license at AppleStore and find yourself in a bad adventure from which you can only exit with the assistance of Microsft. An experience that a "real" Apple user and the most staunch defenders of the platform would never want to pass. Yet this also happened to a reader of our site who told us about his experience made of inefficiency (by the Apple Store) and punctuality (by Microsoft). It all started when, given the appearance of the Office package on the Apple Store 2001 at the price of 299,000 + VAT (358,800) with free shipping reserved for students and professors, one of our readers decided to purchase. On the site also explained that the buyer will not receive the software, but only the documents to be spelled and sent back to the sender in order to have the software delivered to CD in a short time. Allured by the offer and eager to have a copy of Office 2001 in his hands before Christmas, our friend places the order with a credit card. The same day he receives an email from Apple with the order confirmation, the next day a message confirming the shipment. After another 5 days the package arrives at home. What efficiency, what satisfaction, comes to think, but the troubles have yet to begin. Our correspondent is not in the skin and immediately opens the package … First disappointment: the package is the same easily available in shops in all cities: the old one for the Student license of Office 2000 or Office 98 for Mac … Luck has it that our friend keeps everything and so he realizes that a bar code label is applied to the cellophane that wraps the box which says "Office 2001 Student License UK". Maybe things get better. But no. Inside the box there is the usual number, which Microsoft calls PID KEY, to be used for ordering via the web. The student friend goes to the suggested site (, but as he had begun to fear, the second screen, the one that is accessed after the insertion of the PID KEY, only allows you to choose between Office 2000 Professional for Windows and Office 98 for Macintosh. The student does not lose heart and tries to contact the Apple Store through the numbers indicated in the aforementioned confirmation emails. In one indicated: Telephone: 167-640846, from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 18.00 and Saturday from 10.00 to 17.00. Too bad that the toll-free numbers with 167 no longer exist! In the other message the correct number: 800-640846 , but to answer a bad registration even on Saturdays between 10 and 17 unlike what was indicated in the e-mail. Any attempt to leave a message on the answering machine was in vain: both dictating the number in Italian, and in English a voice female invites to speak in their own language … Then he adds to use the telephone keypad to communicate his number. But then they didn't have to say "Tell us your number", but "Type your number" … that's why the English voice corrects the Italian male baritone one !!! Wasn't it easier to record the message again? A day goes by and our friend can talk to Microsoft and the problems are magically solved. No problem just delete the word Office 98 and write Office 2001 in the form contained in the box and fax it to number communicated by the gentlemen of the toll-free number. The toll-free number to ask for confirmation: 800 876 027. In recent months, our site has received several reports of inefficiency in telephone support from AppeStore. Managers who do not speak or speak our language badly waited (literally) for hours to get an answer, line that is not taken, incompetence in providing answers to trivial questions. This cited another example that highlights the gaps in the service even more, also because in this case the comparison with Microsoft which this time beats Apple 2-0

(By Beniamino Cenci Goga)

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