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Apple presents the iPhone

In the end, therefore, the iPhone arrived and revolutionary as it was thought: music, Internet voice, all in one device. Its appearance very similar to that of the many drawings and sketches that had been seen on the Internet in recent months, only then it was thought to be the wide-screen iPod. Instead, the wide screen is there, but to support the smartest of phones in which Apple's operating system beats, a special version but perfectly capable of supporting any type of application.

Waiting for the reports from the rooms of the Moscone, where our reporters are going armed with cameras and cameras and the services and images that will arrive in the next few hours, we publish below the direct broadcast "on air" a few minutes ago and from which you can get a lot of information and advances on a product that seems truly capable, as some analysts thought, of changing the scenario of the world of telephony.


h. 17:53 Our correspondents, with all the press and the common public, are still outside the doors of the room where the keynote is kept.

Only the VIPs (Rubinstein and the CEO of Intel Otellini have passed among others) are still out

h. 18:02 The public entered and with it also the journalists. The keynote starts in minutes

h. 18:09 A few minutes to go. The audience applauds. Full lounge. Background music.

h. 18:12 Strange delay. But the public very much and contrary to the past, the last spectators entered at 9 o'clock in the morning, American time.

h. 18:15 Party. Jobs on stage

STARTERh. 18:19 Jobs thanks the public, those present, but also the developers. "The migration to Intel was also a success thanks to them." We also talk about the Apple stores which are also a great success. According to Jobs, half the visitors had never bought a Mac.

h. 18:23 New Apple commercials with Mac and PC. This time the PC hospitalized and must undergo a surgical operation. "If I die I want to give you my peripherals". Anti-Vista spot

h. 18:26 iTunes. Exceeded two billion songs sold. Apple is the fourth largest seller of music in the US by turnover. 5 million songs per day. 58 per second with 1.4 million films sold. "Who says we don't sell well I don't know where he got his numbers." New partner for movies: Paramount

h. 18:28 iPod remains number one in the world. 62% of the market. Zune at 2%. "For December there is no data."

h. 18:30 New iTunes commercials. The silhouettes on a colored background are back, but also different spots with a line background. Now we are talking about iTV

iTV, THE APPLE TVh. 18:33 Confirmed the hard disk (40GB). The output will be progressive 720 with component plug and HDMI, Usb 2 ports and Wifi connectivity (g / b / and also n). The appearance essentially identical to the model seen in September.

h. 18:36 The video is loaded with iTunes and synchronizes with a PC by uploading the movies to the internal disk. Control takes place via Apple Remote. Other computers (up to five) can connect, but only one can connect and store. Intel processor.

h. 18:40 Our correspondents ?Appearance, men, functions, look and feel are those of Front Row. With the covers of movies that look like iTunes covers ?

h. 18:42Schiller arrives with a black MacBook and streams to Apple TV, as the device is now called

h. 18:42 Scene from 30 Rock. Maximum 720p streaming.

h. 18:42 Price $ 299 and works with both Mac and PC. Jobs drinks calmly. Three bottles on stage. Will it be a long keynote?

REVOLUTIONh. 18:42 I waited two and a half years for this moment. For a revolutionary product. Forunta that there is Apple making revolutions. As in 1984 with Mac and in 2001 with iPod. One changed the computer and the second the world of music.

h. 18:44 iPod Wide Screen, Mobile Phone, Internet Communicator

h. 18:46 Three sides of a cube slide. Jobs repeats the three words. They are not three separate devices. The iPhone is called that. Apple reinvents the phone. An older generation iPod appears with a dialer. The crowd laughs.

h. 18:48 Smart phones have Internet, mail and voice and are said to be easy to use. Usability chart with Treo, MotoQ. "But we will make a generational leap, at the top of the chart"

h. 18:48 The revolution starts from the interface. Comparison with MotoQ, Blackberry and Treo (this is the target market). Keyboard limited to fixed buttons in one place for all applications in other phones. "Does not work. We have solved another problem with the bitmap and the mouse "

POWER TO THE FINGERh. 18:50 The stylus that others use is not needed. We will use the "Works like magic" finger. Multitouch and patented as well as accurate technology. People laugh. Show the clickwheel, the mouse. "On all this we put the software that not like that of others that sucks." Our Mac Os X! Software Everything revolves around it: cocoa, multitasking, real applications. not those seen on mobile phones, animations.

h. 18:54 It syncs with iTunes. Appearance: slightly larger than an iPod video, the screen takes the whole front, except for the lower part which has a joypad. 160 dpi resolution, low key with "home" written, 3.5 inch screen. 11.6mm thickness, 2 megapixel camera. On the back there is the target. Three advanced sensors on the top of the screen. Accelerometer, sensor to turn off the phone when it moves away from the ear and a light sensor.

h. 18:56 You can touch the music and hear the music and find the music. Discover three iPhones and start a demo. You see the management of the covers in iTunes, it shows how widgets work. Control your Mac with a cable. Impressive?

h. 19:01 Controls similar to those of movies on iTunes. Ability to go full screen. Now let's go to the revolutionary part of the phone …

MAC OS X INSIDEh. 19:03 We will make use of the contacts like no one has done to date. This is what nobody has ever done.

h. 19:04 Quad band, GSM + EDGE (no UMTS n HSDPA), Wifi, Bluetooth. You can generate calls from photos, from the calendar, from SMS. The interface has 5 (virtual) buttons at the bottom. Jobs calls Schiller on stage. Three-way conference. The other interlocutor Ive. Jobs says he has to stop calling because he has to speak on the keynote.

h. 19:10 Although the interface is almost entirely icon-based and calls can be made in symbolic form, it is also possible to call with the keyboard. Interesting system for SMS. The messages go sequentially, one after the other, as if it were an iChat session.

h. 19:15 Interface for viewing photos very similar to that of iPhoto. The on-screen gesture is used for checking. Each movement corresponds to a different type of software action. Internet surfing: use Safari "the best browser in the world". And there is also email and Google Maps. Wifi connection.

EMAIL AND POCKET INTERNETh. 19:20 Free push mail from Yahoo for iPhone users. Mail interface similar to that of Mail. The impressive graphic quality. The mail is seen as on the screen of a normal Mac. Now Jobs also shows that the orientation of the automatic screen, depending on how you hold the phone. By double-tapping, the images of the pages shown on the display are enlarged.

h. 19:27 The demonstration of the browsing functions continues. Advanced elements: multiple pages, vision very similar to that on a PC, orientation of the page of your choice, horizontal and vertical, with Google Maps you can also locate the position of the phone at that time (perhaps with an ad hoc service?). Joke: call Starbucks and order 4000 coffee stains … "oops, I was wrong number …"

h. 19:30 Our correspondents: ?incredible demonstration, never seen such a technology in a portable device. Exceeds every PDA and smart phone on the market. The audience incredulous. Interest and electricity in the room. Impatience. They would probably sell 4000 if there was a banquet outside the hall. " Apple's stock rises nearly 5%.

TRANSVERSAL ALLIANCESh. 19:35 Eric Schmid of Google goes on stage for a greeting. ?We made the most of our partnership with Apple. If we melted we would be Applegoo, but everyone can do his part by remaining in his field ?. The word goes to Jerry Young, one of the two Yahoo! Talk about email and its relevance to Yahoo's strategies. Apple's mobile phone will be a big hand in simplifying the interface and use. "We strongly believe in this strategy." The Yahoo Go and One Search services also arrive on the iPhone

h. 19:35 Another curtain with Schiller. He has photos sent from Hawaii. Then we move on to the comparison with other "ugly and unintelligent" smartphones. Accessories: bluetooth headphones and earphones, similar to those of iPods (but with microphone). 5 hours of talk time, 16 hours of music. 200 patents and a miniaturization never seen before. Incredible and innovative screen. Suspance for the price "How much should we make him pay?"

STILL WAITING LONGh. 19:47$ 499 for the 4GB model, $ 599 for the 8GB model. In Europe it will arrive at the end of 2007, in the USA in June 2007, in Asia in 2008. It takes two months for the approval of the telecommunications authorities.

h. 19:50 In the USA the exclusive partner will be Cingular. Stan Sigman, CEO of the telephone company (the largest in the US with 58 million subscribers) arrives. The cell phone will also be sold in their stores. "Agreement without having seen the phone, not even a prototype"

h. 19:59 Apple changes its name. No longer Apple Computer but Apple Inc.

h. 20:03 Keynote finished. John Mayer goes on stage, after the traditional greetings to the families.