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Apple, lion's day on the stock exchange

The market likes the iPhone. This is what must be concluded by scrolling the data coming from the American stock exchange which at the end of the year rewarded the AAPL share with an exceptional increase: + 8.31%.

The actions of Cupertino for a few days in a cautious rise, after the slip following the rumors about a possible involvement of Jobs in the stock options case, had started cautiously with a slight rise that had turned into flat calm at the time of the beginning of the keynote. Just before two o'clock, New York time, or at the exact moment in which Jobs presented the iPhone, here is the surge. Progressively AAPL has taken share reached 92.98, almost 9% more than the previous day. At the end of the day, Apple's shares stopped just below the maximum, or 92.57, very close to the historical maximum (93.16) reached on 27 November. The data reported today by AAPL also represents the maximum at closing. The previous roof (91.81) had been marked on November 28th.

The historical records of the day must also include that of the exchanged pieces: almost 120 million shares have in fact changed hands. The previous record (113 million) dates back to January 13, 2005, the day of the presentation of the Mac mini

In the meantime, with the market closed, the stock continues to rise.