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Apple fires FairPlay to iPod accessory manufacturers?

Apple fires FairPlay to iPod accessory manufacturers? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple will announce the licensing program for FairPlay. According to the British website, this would be the big news that is being prepared for Cupertino and that will be announced within the week.

If the indiscretion was confirmed, although the licensing program would only concern those who sign an agreement to produce 'Made for iPod' accessories and should not allow third parties to build players competing with that of Apple, it would be a strategic turning point in the field of digital music and especially for those who deal with accessories.

Among the possibilities that stand out on the horizon, for example, according to the English website, that of building docks equipped with displays that provide information such as track titles or cover graphics. It is also possible to imagine streaming music bought on iTunes and protected with FairPlay on other devices that will be enabled to read Apple's DRM system. cites one of the first products to integrate FairPlay technology with a Netgear device called EVA8000, an iPod compatible media extender, similar in concept to Apple TV.

Among the announcements related to the FairPlay licensing program, the possibility of distributing protected audio in AAC protected format on a USB port.

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