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Apple appears on the nVidia roadmap

Apple appears on the nVidia roadmaplogomacitynet1200wide 1

About the alternative graphics processors to those, sometimes innovative, sometimes late, of ATI has written about everything but still seen little, perhaps at the MacWorld in San Francisco it will be time to pull the strings and not continue with this smoky situation, Meanwhile, pending the events, Nvidia's publication of the roadmap of its products, in which an iMac clearly appears, is also arousing hope. This was enough to make many believe who this is the signal that the Californian company has in fact finalized its speech with Apple. As Macity has repeatedly reported the most widespread belief that Cupertino, who according to someone (as would be shown by typing the address has already signed an OEM contract, using Nvidia graphics chips from the GeForce2 series both for the consumer dektop line, i.e. iMacs, and for laptops. In San Francisco the first computers to use nVidia would be the PowerBooks followed by iBooks and iMacs at the time of their restyling (in Tokyo?). Apple would remain tied, however, to ATI for the pro band that from San Francisco could migrate entirely to the Radeon cards. Nvidia has recently hired some developers already in Cupertino and is looking for an expert quality tester in Apple systems. In short, convergent and clear signals to which is added, as mentioned, the Roadmap published below. A few more weeks and we will see if it will finally be made clear. Macity, of course, will keep you updated!

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