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Apple and Beatles agreement, announcement during the Superbowl?

Apple and Beatles agreement, announcement during the Superbowl? logomacitynet1200wide 1

The announcement of the agreement between Apple and the Beatles to bring the music of the "Fab Four" to the iTunes store could come with a spot that Cupertino has booked for the Superbowl evening. The indiscretion, yet another on the possible pact that would put an end to a dispute that has lasted for years, emerges from an article published by the Toronton Sun.

If the Canadian magazine was right, Cupertino's choice would be effective. The Superbowl, the final of the American football championship, one of the most popular TV events in the United States. All the main brands compete to grab commercial spaces for the presentation of new services and new products, so much so that the commercials, especially the first ones of the evening, cost millions of dollars. Among the most famous spots of all time is "1984", the advertising with which Apple launches the Mac.

The rumor about an agreement between Apple Inc. and Apple Corp. (the Beatles record company) in circulation for a few weeks, after the conclusion of the well-known trial on the use of the name that gave reason to the Cupertino house. Two days ago a British site had concluded the negotiation by mentioning the possibility of a start of the marketing of the Beatles music on the iTunes Store starting from Valentine's Day. The Toronto Sun agrees on the peace achieved, stating that there is a possibility that the launch of the British group's music will be sold exclusively for three months on the Apple store.

Recall that at the moment the Beatles are one of the few (if not the only) large musical group that does not yet have a "showcase" on the Internet to sell their songs.

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