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App Store, discovered a malware that stole Instagram credentials

InstaAgent delivered usernames and passwords to unknown servers and was banned from Apple and Google stores after thousands of downloads


Not only is the Android operating system having problems with the security of its apps. The latest malicious software in chronological order to have attracted the attention of the Net lurked until a few hours ago both in the Google Gadget Play Store and in the Apple App Store.

Is called Who Viewed Your Profile ?InstaAgent, and a free app that claims to be able to reveal to the user who installs it the profiles of has visited its Instagram page. What the software does in the background, after having communicated the username and password of the victim's account, disclose the access data to an unknown server, completely foreign to the photographic social network.

From its conception to today, InstaAgent has had some success on both platforms: in particular, it has been downloaded from the Cupertino marketplace 500 thousand times and arrived in first position in Canada and the United Kingdom, also performing well in the rest of Europe. So make what species it may be escaped the controls implemented by both Google and Apple for a long time.

After being deleted from the Google Play Store, the app has been removed yesterday also from the Apple store, but many users could still have it installed on their device. For the latter, the advice to remove it as soon as possible and to change your password as soon as possible access to Instagram (and that of the other accounts in the unfortunate hypothesis that the credentials used for different services are always the same).


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