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Android, if the battery is painful it can be the fault of these apps

MIT highlights how many apps on Android establish hidden connections with their developers, with a battery impact to be verified

(Photo: Kristoferb)(Photo: Kristoferb)

The premise on which MIT is based for its latest revolutionary study: that many apps are enthusiastic to send data to their developers without notifying users by now known. From the work just published by US researchers, a disturbing picture emerges of how widespread the practice is and risks affecting the life of our gadgets. According to the team that took care of the study, 62.9% of all communications undertaken by the 10 most used free Android apps, in reality it does not aim to improve the experience of the app itself.

In fact, once the researchers cut these suspicious communications, they observed that the apps analyzed in their eyesthey behaved exactly as before. In other words, it means the software in certain situations uses users 'resources (such as private usage data, battery, network connection) to serve the developers' advantage. And if the amount of data exchanged with the servers in question can be considered negligible, the battery issue remains thorny because it can compromise the actual usefulness of a device bringing it to discharge before the due date.

It would be interesting to know the impact of this phenomenon also on the opposing platforms. In the meantime, Android users just have to download their software more carefully, perhaps particularly wary of the free one and proposed by semi unknown developers.


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