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An alliance for streaming

An alliance for streaming logomacitynet1200wide 1

ISMA is the acronym for the Internet Streaming Media Alliance, and behind it hides companies of the caliber of Apple, Sun, Philips, Cisco and Kasenna, allies to define standards for the distribution via web of video, audio and multimedia content in general. First of all, they will take care of coding the streaming over IP of the Mpeg 4 standard and already have a large number of partners, including SGI, willing to actively join the alliance. Many doubts may arise from the lack of two important names in the consortium: on the one hand Microsoft, with its standards and strategies, on the other RealNetwork, much more tameable than Microsoft, but at the absolute moment protagonist of streaming via the web. Apple, one of the first promoters of the alliance, is looking for partners and interlocutors to assert its technologies, also through the open standard tool, already very advanced, but not yet sufficiently solid on the market to proceed alone; after all, as mentioned several times from these pages, an important page of the IT future will be played on the web streaming of audio and video content, Apple started a long time ago and does not intend to give ground to anyone.

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