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Alternative Pokevision: the best (2018)

The interest in Pokemon does not subside, on the contrary, it grows day by day. But as with all mobile games, shortcuts are always looked for to achieve the game's goals more easily. For Pokemon fans the same thing, with the different solutions that make life easier for the trainers. Pokevision it was the first app that allowed to find Pokemon in an easy way. But soon the service was forced to close by the creators of the original app, Niantic. Your search for Pokemon on Pokemon Go is no longer as before after the closure of Pokevision. Surely you miss it too, since you are reading this guide on Pokevision alternatives.

Don't despair, there are several Pokevision alternatives on the web that will help you complete your Pokedex. In this guide I will list the best 100% functioning radars, not like the one inPokmon Go, which I know more for the bugs present than for the actual usefulness. Read on to find out the best Pokevision alternatives.

The best Pokevision alternatives currently working

With the closure of Pokevision, finding all Pokemon today is quite a frustrating undertaking. The radar was in fact very useful and well done and the official one of Pokemon Go, although lately it has improved a lot, has not yet reached its levels.

Fortunately, some sites similar to pokevision are available, other alternative radars online and offline, which can replace the dear Pokevision. In this guide I will list those that are currently the best around.

N.B. Using some of these alternative radars could put your Ban account at risk. We recommend that you use a different Pokemon Go account than the main one.

PokeGo Scan

Pokevision alternatives

Exclusive alternative radar for iOS. Currently the best scanner around and shows the various Pokemon on a map, in a clear and simple way. You can download the APK directly to this address.


Pokevision alternatives: Pokemon GO

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a Pokemon radar and you are using a smartphone Android, PokeFast then the best choice you can currently find. You can download the Android app at this address.


Pokemon GO

It is an online service. It is therefore not necessary to install an app on your smartphone and, in addition, you do not even need to connect your Pokemon Go account, thus avoiding any Ban risks. You can use it by clicking here. registration required.


Pokemon GO

This instead is a very comfortable Telegram bot, which will let you know which Pokemon are near you. completely in Italian and to use it you need to subscribe to the Pogogram channel. The Bot also allows you to have comfortable fully customizable notifications and in this case it can also be an excellent one solution to keep your Pokemon Go account safe, as it does not have to be associated with your profile.

If you are fond of Pokemon for Nintendo consoles, I recommend you read this guide on the best iOS Pokemon emulator to play on iPhone or iPad.