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Altec Lansing shows muscles to Ces

CES is also proving to be a zealous hotbed for our favorite mp3 player. Here are three new iPod products announced by Altec Lansing right at CES: these are the iMV712, the M812 and the iM600.

Before leaving the market, we decided to present you some images with a brief description.

iMV712: A multimedia dock system equipped with 3 "speakers and 4" soobwoofer. It also has a screen for viewing videos uploaded to the iPod. A remote control for remote control completes the system. Price to the public: 350 Dollars

M812: Already presented in our gallery, here is another image of the M812, hi-fi dock with wireless connection, equipped with a pair of 1 "speakers and 3.5" subwoofers. Also equipped with a remote control, it includes FM radio and an additional audio input, in addition to the wall kit. Retail price: $ 400

iM600: iPod docking system that follows the characteristics of the younger brother, iM500 for iPod nano. Equipped with wireless remote control to control the iPod, FM radio and activate the Sound Field Expander system. The product is completed by lithium battery, to increase portability, mains power supply, auxiliary audio input, composite video output and mini USB port. Retail price: $ 150.