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Adobe + Apple offer, some clarifications

Adobe + Apple offer, some clarifications logomacitynet1200wide 1

Several readers have written to us to report difficulties in accessing, through their reseller, the Apple + Adobe offer reported in recent days. In particular, the difficulties primarily concern the availability of the software: it would seem that, through some resellers, it would be impossible receive the software before January and, having to purchase the machine and software at the same time, it would not be possible to take advantage of the opportunity before the new year.Many have signaled us, then, that the available packages are only in English: in reality here it is a question of a choice of Adobe, the Design Collection available only in English, French and German, as reported in the Apple page dedicated to the offer, therefore it will not be possible to have the packages in Italian. Regarding the first problem, we have some doubts: what link there should be between the availability of the package and the possibility of submitting the order even now that the package does not react lly available? The offer accessible from December 11th, it should be possible already to buy the products by re-entering the offer, if then they will be available in January, not badly, having warned the customer of possible delays, it will be up to him to decide whether to forward the order or not .

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