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7 forecasts for social media in 2013

Social media are changing the way we communicate and do business. Here's what will happen in 2013 from Instagram to Google+ the news coming.

More and more business. These networks during the year will show the most professional part starting from Facebook itself. Here are the most authoritative forecasts to be ready for the new wave of Web 2.0

They do not foresee the future. Here, perhaps this is the only thing that social media will never do, for everything else it seems that many of the activities that we are used to carrying out will pass through social networks or will even be carried out entirely on this type of websites.

To predict the future, you still have to rely on thinkers, even if with the large amount of data available online today, predictive software becomes increasingly precise.But let's see what the leading social media experts predict.

1) E-commerce and social media will grow together. Consumers increasingly want to decide for themselves what to compare when, where and how much to pay for it. Those who offer the greatest purchasing freedom will be successful in e-commerce (according to Gideon Lask, CEO of BuyaPowa). Social networks are in a privileged position because they combine great communication tools with e-commerce potential that only Facebook is using in part, instead they are completely absent from Twitter and Linkedin, this in 2013 could change

2) The year of Visual marketing. Everything I picture: from photos to videos capable of getting out of the background noise of communication and of speaking to all people in every nation. According to Ekaterina

Walter (social innovator of Intel) the big brands will have to understand what is necessary to achieve effective visual marketing through established communities or in new networks such as Pinterest and Instagram.

3) Facebook will become more business

In 2013 Facebook will offer a Premium version of the famous Facebook Pages which will include advanced analysis tools to give companies more information on specific segments of fans such as those who comment more, who also a customer etc. Another function will be the possibility of obtaining the emails of the likers with specific opt-in functionalities. Facebook has acquired Threadsy, an online analysis tool that goes in this direction. According to John Haydon (co-author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies)

there will be new tools to connect in-store purchases with Facebook, for example the possibility of entering the store, logging into the store's FB page and paying directly online, without a cash register

4) Content marketing the new social media marketing. With the spread of social networks, companies will understand how important it is to share content of the highest level. this is the only way, according to Dave Kerpen (CEO of Likeable), companies will really be able to engage users. In B2B this phenomenon is even stronger and has already started: white papers, infographics, webinars are the real center of online marketing. Through Instragram and Pinterest more and more beautiful photos and graphics will spread to interest B2B and B2C customers.

5) Twitter more personal

In 2013, our Twitter feed will become increasingly personal, with the introduction of new algorithms that will take into account Influence (measure generated by the average of the re-tweets received by the person, by mentions, by the number of followers); Involvement (how often you get involved by the person who tweets), Alignment (how much the person who tweets is similar to us by bio, geographic location, membership lists, Importance (how many times the single tweet has been retweeted), Interest (evaluates if our interest based on our previous chirps or mentions). According to Rich Brooks (CEO of Flyte new media) this new system will cause the brands on Twitter to lose positions and therefore a new advertising platform will be launched that will allow you to recover (for a fee) the lost ground in terms of ability to engage followers.

6) Instagram always towards businesses

2013 will be the year of Instagram consecration. Even if considered among small social networks, its users increase the frequency and intensity of activities and use the platform more and more often when they are in the office, to date 85% of users do so. This behavior, according to Mark Schaefer, marketing faculty member of Rutgers University, will lead companies to see in Instagram one of the best platforms to invest in.

7) Google+ at the center of the world. As a social network, probably not even in 2013 he will become a star, but it will be important as the first interface in the world of Big G. According to Anita Campbell, founder of Small Business Trends, Google will release new services under the hat of Google+, those who want to use them must have a presence in this social network. So even if G + doesn't have many really active users (when compared with Facebook and Twitter) it will be essential for a company to have its own page there.