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14 sites like Groupon for interesting daily offers

Groupon is undoubtedly the most popular daily offers site and if you have used it extensively, you would know that you will save some dollars through various local offers. While Groupon may go downhill, its popularity has given rise to a number of interesting websites. There are sites similar to Groupon for a variety of offers on restaurant discounts, game tickets, travel etc. So if you are looking for sites like Groupon because it is not available in your country or if you just want to check more offers, here are 15 best sites for you:

1. Social life

Living Social is a very popular daily offers site, which is very similar to Groupon. The site offers unique and different offers every day and allows users to share local offers. There are offers for local events, weekend trips, international travel, restaurants, coupons and more. Also, if you want them more legitimate offers, Living Social the way to go. On the availability front, the site is only available in the United States and Canada. Like Groupon, the service also available as an app for Android and iOS.

2. Woot

Woot (an independent Amazon subsidiary) another very popular daily offers site, which has been in this space for more than a decade but has been overshadowed by Groupon. The website works on the mantra of "Deals of the day", as it offers fantastic new offers every day. There are also other interesting ones short-term sales and events such as Woot-Offs (lasting more than a day) offering products from 11 different categories such as electronics, sports, tools, accessories and more. If you are looking for an application, Woot's Android app has recently been published.

3. RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot a huge coupon site, with over 600,000 coupons and offers from over 70,000 retailers. Although it does not offer daily offers like Groupon, unquestionably the leader when it comes to coupons, so if you are looking for a site like Groupon with more attention to coupons, RetaileMeNot is the one to use. The site offers coupons in several countries such as Canada, India, Japan, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, etc. It also has apps for Android and iOS.

4. SlickDeals

SlickDeals pi a community where people love to share offers and then, the SlickDeals guys take care of the best offers out of the lot, to be included on the first page or in the category in the foreground. The best thing about SlickDeals that only the best offers from the most reputable merchants arrive on the website, thanks to the extraordinary community. SlickDeals also available as an app on the Play Store and iTunes.

5. DealNews

DealNews, as the name suggests, provides the best deals on the most interesting products on the Internet. The Web site considers more than 2,000 online retailers to offer you over 300 offers per day . While the site focuses primarily on electronics, gadgets and computers offers, it makes sure that these offers are authentic and bring the lowest price on the Internet. Like most other sites like Groupon, DealNews is available as an app for Android and iOS.

6. Coupons

If you like more conventional things, you will appreciate The site offers free printable coupons for different brick and mortar stores, so you can get a discount every time you visit these stores. Not everything, as the site also offers online coupon codes, in-store codes, cashback offers on cards and more. You can also link your store's loyalty cards and add loyalty coupons directly. also has apps for Android and iOS.

7. Thong

Thong very similar to Groupon because it is also a website of daily offers. Door a couple of 24-hour sales along with a 48-hour themed sale . The offers here include some incredible prices, thanks to the collaboration of Tanga with large companies to gradually eliminate the bulkier products. While some of these products may take some time to ship, some products can be purchased with "Tanga Express shipping" at a modest cost. Plus, if you become a regular Tanga user, you're sure to earn rewards that bring discounts at your fingertips. If there is something missing from Tanga, it is the apps.

8. Yipit

Yipit is definitely an excellent website for those who don't want to go through all the offers. Thanks to Yipit's excellent filter function, you can check only the offers that matter . There are a myriad of categories and subcategories to choose from such as health and beauty, restaurants and nightlife, fitness, travel, etc. In addition, Yipit offers a cashback shop, where you can find all the cashback offers from popular and different retail stores. The website also aggregates offers from groups such as Groupon, Living Social and much more, in order to get the best of all worlds.

9. 1Sale

1Sale could be a daily offers website, but unique, thanks to its excellent flash sales. Along with daily limited time offers, the site offers flash sales of products with the lowest prices ever . It also offers an amazing community where you can interact with other users for everything you need to know about an agreement. It also has a nice "Gifts for Mom" ??section, which gets some brownie points on the site. 1Sale also offers apps for Android and iOS, so you can keep a tab on these flash sales from your phone.

10. Scoopon

Scoopon a Groupon alternative for our Australian readers . The Daily Deals website brings offers in tons of categories such as events, food, travel, gifts, education, local services and more. What we like about Scoopon are its various sub-categories, which make finding a deal much easier. Scoopon regularly hosts freebies and contests, so there is this. There are also apps for Android and iOS for mobile users.

11. Meituan

Meituan the largest daily offers site in China, with the largest market share by turnover. The website brings daily offers from over 400 thousand local Chinese companies, so this should give you a good idea of ??how big it is. So if you come from China and are looking for a site like Groupon, you should take a look at Meituan and you could find it even better than Groupon.

12. JetSetter

If you are looking for a site like Groupon just to get travel discounts, you should check JetSetter. The website offers you deals on various destinations around the world, hotels, vacation trips and more. It offers some great deals for your holidays in different regions such as Mexico, Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia and more. It also offers a nice magazine with some excellent content on travel, itineraries, photography, etc.

13. MyDala

MyDala the site to visit if you are looking for a site like Groupon in India . The website brings tons of fantastic offers valid in most major cities in the country including New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai etc. More importantly, it brings offers and coupons in various categories such as food, activities, beauty, health, travel and Di Pi. In addition, it also offers online coupons for popular e-commerce sites in India. You can also check out its apps on Android and iOS.

14. Takhfifan

Takhfifan a site of daily offers very popular for people in Iran . among the few technology startups in Iran to have collected this sequel. The website offers offers on a variety of restaurants, travel, restaurants, health care, education and more.

Are you ready to get fantastic daily offers?

The decline of Groupon has led to the company's exit from various markets, but fortunately, these are similar sites that can be used to obtain an interesting discount on daily needs. So, try these websites and let us know your favorite offers website. Audio disabled in the comments section below.