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10 best iPad 2018 Cases and covers you can buy

Apple recently unveiled its new iPad 2018 in the recent educational event that the company held a few weeks ago. The new iPad is a great addition to the iPad lineups as the first normal iPad to bring support for Apple Pencil. I am quite impressed with the new iPad 2018 and considering buying it. If you are also thinking of buying the new iPad, you will have to buy good cases and covers that not only protect your new device, but also extra features such as the integrated stand or keyboard. With this thought in mind, in this article, we present the 10 best cases and covers you can buy for the new iPad 2018:

The best cases and covers for iPad 6th Gen

1. ProCase case for iPad 9.7 2018

The first case on our list comes from a company called ProCase that carries a premium leather exterior and soft interior to provide not only the protection of the device, but also to keep its value in the hand. The cover is a retractable case which means you can fold the case back to keep your iPad in an upright position. better if you want to enjoy multimedia content on your device hands-free. The cover available in multiple colors and designs, including black, gray, brown, blue, print motifs and more.

Buy from Amazon: $ 22.99

2. Case for iPad 2018 by ESR

The ESR case for iPad 2018 is one of the premium premium folio covers that you can buy for your new iPad. If you are really price conscious and are looking for a good case for the new iPad 2018, this may be the right one for you. The case will not only protect the back and the display of the iPad 2018, but will also act as a support if necessary. The front door of the case has powerful magnets that secure it securely to the iPad and protects the display from scratches and scratches. Just like the previous cover of the list, this one also available in multiple colors that allows buyers to customize their iPads.

Buy from Amazon: $ 15.99

3. Logitech Slim Folio case for iPad

Although Logitech specifically released a new keyboard case for the new iPad 2018, too voluminous for my test. Obviously, if you are buying the new iPad for your kids, you should buy the new Logitech Rugged Combo 2 when it is released, however, if you are looking for a relatively light keyboard case for your new iPad 2018, the iPad slim folio case with keyboard by Logitech a better option for you. The case offers A comfortable typing experience thanks to a laptop-like keyboard with a familiar layout and well-spaced keys . The outer shell of the keyboard case is also sturdy enough to protect your new iPad in the event of a drop.

Buy from Amazon: $ 89.99

4. Clear Cover protective case for iPad 2018 for Clayco

While many people prefer folio cases, there are users who don't want to deal with the bulk that comes with them. If that's your case, this Clayo case is just for you. The case made in a polycarbonate casing that can protect the device from scratches and scratches. The case is also transparent, which means you can show your iPad in all its glory . The case is so light that you won't even notice the difference in weight when you put it on. That said, the lightness comes with a compromise which in this case means that your iPad will be less protected against falls.

Buy from Amazon: $ 10.99

5. Cover for silicone back cover for iPad 2018 Veamor

The Veamor silicone back case for iPad 2018 strikes the perfect balance between size and protection. Although the case is not as light as the transparent Clayco case, it is not nearly as bulky as the other cases on the list. The extra bulk that this case brings beyond the Clayco is not without reason. The case made of silicone materials that absorb shocks and has reinforced corners that can easily protect your device in the event of a fall . The back features a non-slip prismatic texture and a treated surface that provides a comfortable grip and reduces the chance of the iPad falling in the first place. With this case, you're getting the best protection for the smallest footprint.

Buy from Amazon: $ 11.99

6. 2018 bumper case for iPad 9.7 inch HDE

The HDE bumper case for the new iPad 2018 is exactly the opposite of the thin and light cases mentioned above. Instead, the case features a robust design with double-layer protection with extra foam around the corners that will protect your device even from major bumps and falls. The perfect case for those who buy the new iPad 2018 for their children. No matter how your child uses the iPad, in this case, you can be sure that nothing will happen.

Buy from Amazon: $ 14.95

7. MoKo Slim Smart Shell Cover for iPad 2018

The MoKo slim shell case for iPad 2018 another folio case for your new iPad. The cover of the smart shell pu wake up automatically and suspend the iPad when the cover is opened and closed . The case is also quite slim as far as folio cases are concerned and adds minimal bulk to the iPad. The case also constructed in such a way that there are no bezels around the screen, allowing for unobstructed text passages. one of the best smart covers you can get for your new iPad.

Buy from Amazon: $ 11.99

8. Waterproof case for Temdan iPad 6th Gen

The Temdan case for iPad 2018 truly unique in that it not only protects the device, but also makes it waterproof by completing the closing of all the doors. Once you've sealed the iPad with this case, it can survive under 6, 6 feet or 2 meters of water or snow for more than 60 minutes . In addition to the waterproof function, the case has raised edges on the front and the back of the camera to protect them from scratches. The case also has an integrated screen protector. a bit bulky, but the features it brings are worth the trade-off.

Buy from Amazon: $ 38.99

9. DTTO New iPad 2018 case

The iPad DTTO case is a thin and light case designed specifically for the new Apple iPad 2018. The case has a top quality synthetic leather exterior and a soft microfibre lining combined with a soft and soft TPU back cover . Like other folio cases, the top cover can be folded upright, ideal for video chats, media consumption and keyboard typing. Finally, it also brings air cushion technology with honeycomb pattern which provides better shock absorption and thermal dissipation.

Buy from Amazon: $ 11.99

10. Premium Ztotop leather case for iPad 6th Gen

The last case on the list from Ztotop that external door in synthetic leather with internal lining in soft microfibre . Not only will the case protect your iPad but it will also look good while you do it. The rest of the features in this case are similar to the features we expect from a folio case. If you want a premium-looking folio case for your new iPad, this is for you.

Buy from Amazon: $ 19.99

Protect your brand new iPad 2018 with these amazing cases

This concludes our list of the best cases and covers that can be purchased for the new iPad 2018. The list contains folio cases, rear cases, waterproof cases, additional protective cases and more. Tell us what your favorite case of all is, by writing in the comments section below.