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Windows MediaPlayer 8.

The Microsoft player is not very popular on our platform and because QuickTime (but also RealPlayer) works very well and because MediaPlayer works very badly, but, just to know, the release of the 8 beta version is scheduled for today . From the Microsoft website we promise improvements that will push to comparative values ??with players like Real 8 (there is never mention of QuickTime … fear?). For audio, MediaPlayer 8 will support the 48 Kbps quality "similar to the audio CD ", 64 kbps" like the audio CD ", 96 kbps" unparalleled loyalty "; for video there is a 30% improvement compared to version 7, these are the data rates: 250 kbps "similar to VHS (320 × 240 at 24 frames per second)" and 500 kbps "similar to DVD (640 × 480 at 24 frames per second) ". The Windows Media DRM will ensure the protection of the intellectual property to the rightful owner (already ready for e-commerce also in this sector). The final version of Microsoft Windows Media Player 7 for Mac (for PC also 6.4 as well as 7) will support the videos encoded for Windows Media 8 (a further implicit confirmation that the Mac version will remain one step behind the PC version). From a marketing point of view the guys from Redmond are finally managed to place the "8" and, although more recent and also (perhaps still) more immature, MediaPlayer now has the same "number" as Real, when did the overtake? And to think that QT is not yet at "5" and it is already rousing everyone!