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Windows 7 will stop being supported by Microsoft

If you still use Windows 7, mark this date: January 14, 2020

Windows 7 will stop being supported by Microsoft. You will be retired along with the operating system for Windows 10 Mobile smartphones. The farewell to Windows 10 Mobile was scheduled for December 10 last year, but Microsoft has decided to extend its life a bit. Support for the operating system will cease this way next January 14th, the same day that there will be the end word also on Windows 7, born in 2009 and now obsolete.

From the next day, users who still have Windows 7 will see a full-screen message appear that exhorts them to switch to Windows 10.The main problem with Windows 7 in safety, less and less with the passage of time. Security that a fundamental element in the strategy of a company, where it is impossible to leave anything to chance

Windows 7

Many people would not like to leave the old Windows in favor of his successor. The alternative, excluding that of finding yourself with a system that is constantly at risk hacker attack, to pay Microsoft for the technical assistance extension service. But a very expensive service dedicated only to large companies and public administrations. And, in any case, it does not solve another problem: with the end of official support from Microsoft to Windows 7, many software producers will also stop supporting old versions of their applications compatible with that operating system.

January 15th will also be the day of a debut at Microsoft: the new one Edge browser to surf the net. The choice, motivated the company, was made for the purpose of "create better web compatibility for our customers and less web fragmentation for all developers".

As for hardware requirements there are no major differences between Windows 7 and Windows 10 since the second is executed without any particular computer problems born with the first.