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Voice Messenger, the app to send funny voice messages

There are the categories: "Insults", "Good morning", and also "vocal emoticons"


Those who have a conflict with the voice messages of instant messaging services will have a bad quarter of an hour. The Voice Messenger Application – Funny Vocal Messages, as its name implies, was born as an archive of ironic audio ready to be sent.

Good morning phrases – could be missing "Goodmorning Princess" of Benigni? And in fact no, don't miss it – and good night "Good night WhatsApp friends" (so says the audio, with the voice of a metallic kitten).

Phrases inspired by football and, listen, listen, too the "vocal emoticons": "Giggle", "smiling with halo", "laughter minion". For "tears of joy" and "sweaty, but happy", you need to access the Pro version.

How the written ones were not enough, there is also the "insults" section (present "Capra, goat, goat!" of sgarbinian memory), while in the exclamations some hymn of football appears. Fortunately, too a vintage Troisi.

Once the app is downloaded, you choose an audio and send it via Messenger or WhatsApp. The user can also create his own gallery of personal audio, to be recorded and kept on file, ready when needed. Sortir the Dubsmash effect, or will it remain a useful archive over time?

Among the most sent, behold, well, there is "E? Sti c *** i ". But nothing personal.


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