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ViewSonic PJ258D, iPod dock projector

Being able to watch videos on the screen of your iPod is certainly comfortable, but you can't certainly say that it's like being in the cinema, given the size of the screen that is anything but generous with the multimedia player of the Apple.

ViewSonic, as mentioned yesterday, comes to us, trying to expand that little screen into something more cinematic: it's the ViewSonic PJ258D ViewDock projector, a real projector with a dock connector to which you can attach your iPod video and keep it in charge as well .

The technical characteristics are relevant: XGA resolution of 1024 x 768), the PJ258D also enjoys excellent brightness (2,000 ANSI) which should guarantee excellent image rendering in all light conditions. In addition, the projector equipped with numerous auxiliary connections: VGA, Video-composite and S-Video, which guarantee its possible use also with other video devices.

The ViewSonic product will be available from January 15th at a price of around 1000 Dollars.