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Three new iPod clock radios from Maxwell

Are you looking for an alarm clock and / or clock for your iPod but you are still not sure which product to use? Maxwell's new products could solve your doubts. Three new alarm clock systems with different features and functions are in fact being launched. We describe the main aspects of interest.

Maxell's One Dock: clock radio docking station equipped with speakers, to spread music and charge your iPod. Also characterized by the possibility of choosing one's own personal photo to be displayed instead of the standard iPod menu screen. Expected price to the public: around 100 Dollars

Maxell's Bedside Alarm Clock Radio: chamber radio alarm clock equipped with a backlit LCD display for night-time use, incorporating the time display with date and equipped with spekears designed to enhance low frequencies. Price for the public: around 150 Dollars.

Desktop / Wall Mount Alarm Clock: another clock radio that can be placed on a table, on a desk or mounted on the wall. Among the various features, it also includes temperature detection. Price for the public: around 200 Dollars.

All Maxwell products are equipped with a clock radio with AM / FM reception, double alarm and snooze function, a back up battery and a radio remote control. They also have a flash card reader and an auxiliary input to ensure compatibility with other mp3 players. Marketing is scheduled for the end of the year.