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The taxi? Book it via WhatsApp

As simple as writing to a friend: to fix a race, a text message is enough

(Photo: LaPresse)(Photo: LaPresse)

For book a taxi We will not even leave the app we are already using to talk with friends, fix the Sunday lunch and answer the superiors: to fix the race, we need to send yet another WhatsApp of the day.

this is the method made available by Yellowtaxi 6969, which actually makes it possible to request a car also through Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Google Hangouts and Line. In the case of the more common WhatsApp, it will be sufficient to register the number 3939-70-6969 among the contacts of your smartphone and send a message to request the arrival of a taxi throughout the territory of the municipality in which you are located. During the dispatch it will be possible to specify, in addition to the exact place of waiting of the car, also the number of passengers or any presence of baggage.

The initiative accompanies the IT Taxi platform, an app that is already active and dedicated to use of the service via smartphone. Just in the name of the app wanted by the Radiotaxi Union, a TaxiHack was recently held which opened the doors of the sector to some interesting future prospects, such as the possibility of paying for Bitcoin races. For the moment we are satisfied with bookings via WhatsApp, with a recommendation: better to prefer text messages to quellivocali.


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