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The FBI was wrong, the revenge of Megaupload

The data seized with Megauplaod must be returned to the owners and Kim Dotcom (the founder) must have his property returned.

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By the TestI burn

After being arrested and deprived of his immense wealth, Kim Dotcom, the founder of Megaupload takes a revenge.

After more than 7 months from the closure of the services and from the seizure of all the assets of the founder, Kim Dotcom, an important news arrived that could bring important news within this case, here comes the twist:

The High Court has decided that Kim Dotcom and Megaupload's assets have been illegally seized and that they must be returned to Kim Dotcom. Due to a procedural error, probably dictated by too much haste to hit the founder of Megaupload, the authorities would have made some false steps that at this point, questioned what has been done to date. Specifically, the New Zealand police officers , to carry out the break-in and the search of Kim Dotcom's estate, they would have applied not only the wrong law, but also compiled some completely incorrect forms, an aspect that would have complicated the defensive phase to the lawyers of Kim Dotcom because it would have been based on erroneous legal indications Again, Judge Helen Winkelman ruled that the FBI had no right to keep the accused away from their own data, including those irrelevant to the charges. Therefore, the drives containing copies of the data must be returned immediately, and every further copy held by the FBI must be destroyed. Serious procedure error, admitted openly at the end of January me when the police changed the cards presenting new documents, this time using the correct practice. Mistake in form that now could cost really dear because the seized assets could easily be returned to the founder of Megaupload. We talk about great wealth like real estate, money, luxury cars and much more.A tempting opportunity for the lawyers of Kim Dotcom who surely will not miss the opportunity to put the New Zealand judicial authorities in a corner. to freeze the assets of Kim Dotcom and avoid a possible escape abroad. Obviously the charges against Megaupload will not change by a comma, as well as the dates of the trials, but the fact of today shows that nothing can be taken for granted. From its Twitter profile, Twitter makes it known that it will not renounce this battle and that it has intention to get out of it winner at any cost. If it should come out as a winner, as convinced that it will happen?

We'll see … in the meantime he continues his adventure on the web with the new Mega site, details of which can be found here