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The CD-RW revolution comes to Apple

The CD-RW revolution arrives at Apple logomacitynet1200wide 1

The next Macs will all have a CD-RW. The news was in the air for some time, but yesterday it was almost explicitly confirmed by Steve Job. The CEO of Apple, during the press conference listing the problems that caused a slowdown in Mac machine sales, pointed out that one of the worst states "The lack of rewritable CDs", an admission to a gap that many users of the platform have been denouncing for some time, in particular on low-end machines aimed at an audience that increasingly loves making music compilations at home and making back-up copies of your HD in an economic and fast way. Many specialized sites have confirmed that CD-RWs, with generously sized monitors, are one of the most appreciated features in the consumer segment and iMacs water on both sides. But as mentioned, at least as far as rewritables are concerned, the situation will change. "We will get rid of this limit very soon," said Jobs.The statement was considered a confirmation, as mentioned, of the re-writable media on all machines, even the low-end ones. As Macity has written many times already It is probable that the Inzino of the "revolution" of the CD-RWs at Apple will be in step with the launch of an application that will allow them to be burned quickly and safely, avoiding the mistakes that can sometimes be made and that damage the support. In addition to this, it is not to be excluded that the burning application may be able to interact transparently with iMovie for the creation of discs with personal videos to be distributed on disc. Very probably we will know something more already from the next Expo of San Francisco.

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