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The best launchers for Android

From the one used by Google for its Nexus, to the more radical alternatives. Here are the best launchers to change the face of your Android smartphone

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Always the thriving community of users and enthusiasts that orbits around Android loves to mess withthe appearance and functioning of the operating system of Google. One of the most effective ways to experiment in this sense is to install a launcher – that is, the graphical interface that takes care of welcoming us when the phone is switched on and displaying widgets and apps – as an alternative to the pre-installed one.

On the Play Store they find themselves as far as the eye can see, but over the years those who have confirmed themselves really good are much less. We have put together 10, from the most conservative to those able to modify substantially the interface of the phone.

To use them, it is sufficient to download them and set them as default applications to be started when the home button is pressed. To get rid of it, you need to access the phone settings – in the App section – find and uninstall them from l.


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