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The best apps for the funniest Christmas greetings

Looking for a fun and new way to do Merry Christmas? Then you've come to the right place! In this article we will propose you different apps for Android and iOS that you can use before and after Christmas day, useful to send greetings in an original and funny way to your friends and relatives.

There are several ways to make Christmas greetings, using social apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger or others, attaching images to textual greetings. Or look for new shapes that allow you to customize Christmas greeting cards. Among these are some apps on iOS and Android that produce images or small videos for personalized Christmas greetings. You are curious, then read on to discover the best Christmas apps for funny greetings.

The best iOS and Android apps for Christmas greetings

Merry Christmas

Searching on the Android and iOS stores you will notice that there are several Christmas applications. But which one to choose to make the most original wishes? In this article we have decided to offer you the best ones currently in circulation.

PNP the North Pole Portable app

Christmas wishes pnp

It is really a well-made application dedicated both to an adult audience and to the youngest. It allows you to create and send personalized Christmas greetings videos, in which Santa himself will do them, pronouncing the name of the recipient and the phrases chosen by us!

You can download it for free for both iPhoneche for Android.

Inkly Cards

Christmas wishes inkly

It is a truly fantastic application that allows you to create greeting cards both in digital and paper format, so that you can send them directly to your friends' house paying a small fee of around 3 Euros. It is possible to personalize the photo and the message greetings and also choose the type of card.

You can download Inkly Cards for free for both iPhone.


Christmas greetings ElfYourself

Surely you have already heard of it. This is perhaps the most successful Christmas app ever, released at the end of 2013 and available for Android and iPhone. Allows tocreate videos of elves or fathers who dance with our face which can be used to have 4 laughs with friends and to send greetings in a fun way.

you can download it for free both for Android and for iPhone.

PHOTO2cards (iOS only)

Christmas greetings photo2cards

A nice application to create greeting cards with your own photo. Once created, you can then send the postcard to friends via email or publish it via Facebook or other social networks, in a simple and automatic way.

You can download the application for free by clicking here

Xmas Photo Frames (Android only)

Christmas greetings Xmas Photo Frames

Just like PHOTO2cards for iPhone, this app allows you to create greeting cards with your own photo. Each photo can be modified by adding a Christmas frame with lights, wreaths or other decorations.

More apps to create Christmas greeting cards

There are so many applications of this type, but in our opinion among the best ones we highlight this: – Christmas Photo Frames for Android.