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The best Android Apps with Root

One of the reasons why users prefer Android for its flexibility and customization. Themes, lanunchers, Icon Packs, widgets, etc. There are hundreds of thousands of very useful Android apps on Google Play Store just to change the way Android is displayed. But the time comes when you're tired of the usual display and want to change, personalizing the device according to your preferences. Here then the Root permissions enter the scene, and it would be very useful to know the best ones Android app with Root.

Access to the root a sort of "administrator" account as in Microsoft Windows and allows total user control over the Android operating system. Not only can the user modify his appearance, but he can also change the way he prefers it with many useful apps for Android.

If you have a device with Android root permissions and you're looking for the best root apps to take control of your phone, here's a list of apps for customize Android with root unlocked.

The best Android apps with Root

Root Checker:

Android app with Root

Root Checker helps to check if the root privileges have been correctly activated on your Android phone. Note that this application does not allow you to remove root privileges on the phone. Root Checker shows the user if root access (super user) is properly installed and working.


applications for Android devices with Root 2

SuperSU allows advanced management of Superuser access rights for all applications on the device that need root permissions.

Titanium Backup:

applications for Android devices with Root 3

This is the best solution for All-in-one / restore backup of all Android phones with root permissions. SuperSU allows advanced management of Superuser access rights for all applications on the device that need root permissions.


applications for Android devices with Root 4

Greenify It helps improve the performance and battery life of your smartphone, by hibernating applications that are not in use, and that are running in the background.

System App Remover:

applications for Android devices with Root 5

System App Remover helps you easily uninstall system applications that are pre-installed on your device.

Root Booster:

applications for Android devices with Root 6

Root Booster allows you to manage free RAM, CPU settings, change and clean system files at root level and many other things.


applications for Android devices with Root 7

Have you ever heard of swap memory or SWAP RAM? It is when the current RAM runs out, and you can configure a part of your phone's internal memory to act as a secondary RAM. This application helps you do just that.

  • Download ROEHSOFT RAM Expander – Free


applications for Android devices with Root 8

Tasker helps automate various things on your Android devices. For example, disable the phone automatically when a specific contact calls. Total Automation: App, Time, Day, Position, Hardware / Software Status, Events, Links, Widgets, Timers, Plugins.

Terminal Emulator for Android

The application does exactly what its name says. Allows you to execute commands from the terminal on your Android device.

Device Control (root):

Device Control an Android app with Root to control different device functions as well as some extra features, like Tasker, App Manager, Editor, Entropy Generator, Wireless File Manager and more.

  • Download Device Control – Free

Disk Digger photo recovery:

This app helps you to recover deleted photos from any Android device. DiskDigger can restore and recover photos and images lost from the memory card or internal memory.

Kernel Adiutor (root):

Kernel Adiutor allows you to change kernel settings on Android devices.

Root Explorer:

This application allows you to access / modify the entire Android file system.

Hack App Date:

It allows you to view the data (which is normally illegible), which the applications save on your device.

Wakelock Detector:

Wakelock Detector Helps detect battery consumption from applications in your Android phone by checking usage history.

  • Download Wakelock Detector – Free


It lets you flash zip files and image files on your Android device without having to restart it in recovery mode.

Quick Reboot:

This application allows you to easily restart the device in recovery mode and bootloader. No need to remember shortcuts!

  • Download Quick Reboot – Free

Xposed Framework:

The father of all Android customizations. A framework that allows you to customize your Android in the way you like. Download and installation differ from device to device. To learn more read this guide.

Boot Animations:

All in one. The tool to download / install startup animations on your Android device with root permissions.

Rec. (Screen Recorder):

Rec. a screen recording application, providing flexible and fully configurable screen recording without cable connections to your Android device.


This Android app with Root allows you to take complete control of all the services running in the background (hint: much more than you could imagine) of your Android device.

3C Toolbox:

3C Toolbox combines many applications in one giant toolbox with a modern and easy to use interface. Instead of downloading multiple applications, you can download this app, which has all the features under one roof.

Root Call Blocker:

The most powerful app to block calls on Android. It has many features like contact whitelists / blacklists, auto rejects calls with a custom text for a specific contact, etc.

  • Download Root Call Blocker – Free – (currently not available)

Ultimate Servers:

Ultimate Servers turn your old Android phone into a small multi-purpose server.


GLTools a graphical optimization tool for Android phones with root permissions. Similar to that of Chainfire 3D.

  • Download GLTools – 2.99


Link2SD an application that helps you move applications to the SD card. The latest versions of Android do not require this application. If you run older versions of Android, this is an app to have absolutely (over 50 million downloads so far!). To learn more about the app, I suggest you read this article.

Nandroid Manager:

Nandroid Manager the ideal tool for managing all your Nandroids (complete backup of your Android, including applications and their data) backup! With Nandroid Manager can restore data from Nandroid backups such as applications + data, text messages, call logs and much more!

  • Download Nandroid Manager – Free

WiFi Password Viewer (root):

This Android app with Root allows you to view the wifi passwords saved on the device. WiFi Password Viewer shows the passwords of the WiFi networks to which you are connected.

  • Download WiFi Password Viewer – Free

TWRP Manager:

This application allows you to install, backup, restore and clean the device using TWRP Recovery.

I hope this list of the best Android apps with Root has been useful for customizing your device.