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Supermac on steroids in January

Supermac on steroids in January logomacitynet1200wide 1

The 1.2 GHz superMac will arrive in January, but will not be produced by Apple. To release the dream machine should instead be the Swedish company Xtrem that some time ago had astonished (and skeptical) the world when he announced he was working on the project. The Supermac, or rather the XtremMac, as our readers will know it should have a proprietary cooling system that allows the processor to overcome every conceivable speed barrier. In practice, the entire Mac, whose case will be completely redesigned and inside will have motherboards purchased on the used market, should become a sort of "refrigerator" in which the processor and all the components will turn to polar temperatures. The XtremMac would have a 320MBps SCSI Raid controller; DVD or DVD-RAM; CD or CD-R; Zip, Jaz or Orb; ATI Rage Pro 128 or Radeon or 3dfx Voodoo 5, or Nvidia GeForce 2MX (?? NDR) The progress made in this area, reads The Register, would now allow Xtrem to look with optimism to the future and even set a release date presumed: at the end of January, in fact. According to Xtrem there would also be possible buyers; these would be large companies interested in the project and some distributors. Xtrem announces that it will shortly release a statement on the progress of the project and will probably also fix a release date. In recent months, as mentioned, many skilled hardzars had doubted XTrem's claims, claiming that it was impossible to project beyond of the 600 or the 700 MHz maxino the current G4 without irremediably damaging the processor.

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