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SuperAntiSpyware to remove and eliminate spyware

If viruses and Trojans are the most well-known threats regarding our dear personal computer, even spyware should not be taken aback. For those who do not know it, spyware is "malicious" programs, also called malware, which, without our permission, to unbeknownst to us, we steal information regarding part or all of our online activities, such as the sites we look at, connection times and schedules, the purchases we make online, in short, violate our privacy in order to enrich companies that process these data for their purposes, to propose and bombard us in an optimal and targeted way of advertising; not to mention that, even if in minimal quantity, they go to gnaw part of our internet connection, use of our processor slowing down the whole system, RAM memory. I immediately tell you that they do it in a minimal way, however they always cause a nuisance.

remove delete spyware

The main tools or devices to avoid and fight spyware are 3:

  • Do not install software of dubious origin
  • Get a firewall that warns us in case something without our authorization tries to send information, with the possibility of establishing rules regarding all the programs that communicate with the outside
  • Good AntiSpyware software (which you will talk about now)

If you don't know it today I present SuperAntiSpyware, an excellent software in Italian that allows you to simply remove spyware, keyloggers, dialers, trojans and other malware, both in real time real time, and of spyware already set up on your computer with the possibility to perform a quick scan or a complete scan, of a partition of our hard disk or of the system interior, in addition to checking the system registry.

It is also possible to set scheduled checks on your computer, so as to periodically perform scans and always be safe, check for updates, and given that new malware is continually being created.

SuperAntispyware for everyone, compatible with all Windows operating systems including 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows server 2008 and occupies only 7 Mb.

The link to download it the following SuperAntiSpyware Free Edition.