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Subnotebook from Apple?

Subnotebook from Apple? logomacitynet1200wide 1

According to the always well informed website of "Appleinsider" indexes, Apple is preparing a sub-notebook in the style of Sony's "Vaio". If the rumor turns out to be exact, Apple could present (after half of next year and not certainly in January) a laptop thought in a certain sense for the users of the old 2400 who are now considering the possibility of changing computers (it's a bit 'the operation done with iMacs designed – also – in a sense for users of the old "Performa" series).

It seems that in fact, there have been many requests for a new lightweight yet powerful laptop. If the rumor turns out to be exact, before the end of next year, we could have a new laptop as fast as a PowerBook, in the style of a Cube, and with the size and features of Sony's Lapton (by Newton)

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