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Spotify Tastebuds will let you know the musical tastes of your friends

Discover music through friends you trust …

No better way to find new music if not to get advice from someone with whom you share the same tastes. And in this sense, a new Spotify function called Tastebuds being tested. The function was first discovered by the app researcherJane Manchun Wong"tipster?Of TechCrunch, which found the prototype in the web version of Spotify through its code.

LaWong has revealed more about how it will work. Users will touch the pen icon for "look for the people you follow". From there they will be able to view information on what users have reproduced more Easily listen to songs or add them to your library. It will be possible to access the Tastebuds tab from the navigation section next to the Home and Library tabs. Spotify describes Tastebuds as a tool for "discover music through friends you trust. "

Spotify Tastebuds

Technically speaking, Spotify has always had the chance to see what their friends are listening to thanks to Activity feeds, but this functionality adjusted on the desktop app e not available in mobile apps,where it is only possible to post the songs being played on social networks and Instagram Stories.

Spotify has not officially confirmed Tastebuds, much less when it plans to launch the function. Of course, there will be questions about privacy, as well as concerns about the labels that are based on the preferential treatment of the service. especially Apple Music, most likely take it as an opportunity to advertise your platform as a better option.

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In any case, anyone can access a broken landing page for the function at the address https: //