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Snapchat: 6 billion video views per day

The app continues to chase Facebook and triples its results in six months

Photo: Snapchat Discover

Snapchat does not let go of the bone and continues to put the wheels of competing social networks that are grappling with videos. Back to the attack with numbers they can shake Facebook: 6 billion video views per day, or rather a result tripled compared to last May.

As of September, Snapchat had reached Facebook with the then 4 billion videos seen a day: at the same time Facebook has reached 8, but the recovery of Snapchat far from trivial, considering that brings home the result with a single application.

Last May, Eva Spiegel, founder and CEO, talked about the idea of ??launching an IPO, to publicly offer the company's securities, even if he had not dictated time. The more it continues to reduce the distance with the competition in the results obtained, the more that moment could be near.


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