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Snapchat, 10 hidden tricks that you may not know

From 3D filters to the video soundtrack, here are 10 hidden features that will make you become Snapchat's black belt


If you have been using Snapchat for a while, you probably already know that you no longer have to hold your finger on a story to view it, but that a tap is enough at the beginning, that you can send old photos to your friends and find out who made a screenshot of your snap or your own story. There are other hidden tricks that you may not know and that will help you use Snapchat like real professionals.

1. 3D effectsI have never been a great fandi Snapchat, but since the introduction of i 3D filters (Lenses), I admit to using it much more often. For the uninitiated, with the update of September 15th last, Snapchat introduced the 3D effects (Lenses) on the iPhone and the latest Android smartphones. To activate them, that's enoughpress for a few seconds in the center of the screenwhile activating the front camera, and Snapchat scan your faces to fit the 3D effects in the most realistic way possible. Then a menu with 7 special effects will appear and you will have the option to select the chepi animation you like before taking the snap. Snapchat will give you some indications to get the perfect result: depending on the effect, you will have to open your mouth or raise your eyebrows.

The particularity of these effects is that they change every day, or almost. So, if today you can have a beautiful crown on your head and a blue eye to feel like a real princess, a sad emoji instead of a face, tomorrow you will probably not have them anymore.

Screen 2015-10-27 at 11.44.00

But don't despair, c a very simple way to recover the 3D effects of the previous days: change the date in the main settings of your smartphone.Baster deselect the automatic date and time setting in the iOS and Android menus, enter the date on which you used the Lenses that you want to reuse et voil, the game made. Once the snap is taken, don't forget to re-edit the settings.

2. FiltersGreat news for those unable to choose between a geofilter (an artistic script that you can superimpose on your snaps when you are in some popular places) and a Snapchat default filter: from now on, you can use them both. To add the first filter, swipe the photo. For the second, hold a finger on the screen and swipe with another on the photo.

3. Protect the accountTo add an extra level of security to your Snapchat account, enable the validation upon login. Once done, you will not be able to log in from another device until you have entered it a code that will be sent to you via SMS.To do this, you will only need to select the settings in the app and select login verification. If you prefer to receive the verification code on an alternative phone number, you can safely change the number associated with your account.

4. NicknameDid you know that you can change the names of friends in the contact list? The details of your Snapchat friends can be easily viewed within the chat. Just press the button with the 3 horizontal lines at the top left to see the score and Snapcode of each of your contacts, to change the name, block or remove conversations.Changing the name of your contact can be an excellent solution to manage the way Snapchat organizes them automatically,especially if you have a long list of friends. Add, for example, a first name of your friends with whom you interact more often to get them on top and avoid shaking the whole list every time.


5. Write long texts on photos and videosSnapchat allows you to insert snapshots of up to 31 characters. If you have an iPhone, we reveal a trick: thanks to a simple escamotageidea designed by a Snapchat user, you can get around the limitation and write texts as long as you like. To do this, follow these 2 simple steps: 1 – open a new document inNotee wrap 4-5 times, select and copy the empty lines; 2. open Snapchat, tap to insert text and paste the copied blank lines. Tap on the line you want to use and start writing. To go to the head, select the next line with a tap.

6. Travel arrangementsAll those who make excessive use of Snapchat will know that the app consumes a lot of data. To deal with this problem, the app has a feature that reduces the use of mobile data: the travel modeOnce activated, automatic snap and story downloads are disabled. To check if the function is already activated, go to the app settings, click Additional services and select Manage.

7. Add nearby friendsThe functionality Add neighbors will allow you to easily add new friends who are nearby. The simple procedure: click on it Add friends and select Add neighbors.

Screenshot 2015-10-26 at 12.49.36

8. Use snap emojiThis easy: you can use the stickers of your favorite emojis to give a touch of color to your photos. Choose the color of your choice and enlarge or reduce it. To do this, vibaster select it from the first menu button to edit the photo, place your index and middle fingers above and spread or pinch your fingers on the screen, as if you were zooming.

Here are some useful and creative tutorials.

9. Decode the emojisIf you have been using Snapchat for a while, you will have noticed that next to your friends' names, emojis appear. If you've wondered what they mean, there is an easy, easy way to find out. Pull the phantom panel down, click on the settings wheel and go to Additional services, Manage is"Emoji Friends: thanks to the legend, you will be given a precise idea.

10. Add soundtracks to the snapsIf you are listening to a piece of music on your smartphone while you are shooting a video, Snapchat will automatically use that song as a soundtrack of your snap.

Now it's up to you: try them and let us know.


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