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Sidin, innovative solutions for networks with A10Networks

A10Networks, together with Sidin, wants to strengthen its presence on the Italian market, with solutions for Load Balancing, IPv6 migration.

True innovation, one made up of new solutions, new instruments must be built with passion. Sidin, the value-based distributor based in Turin, committed to this pioneering path to offer ICT companies the best business opportunities, set out to find the most innovative producers. Now it has announced the distribution of A10Networks a vendor that, together with Sidin, wants to strengthen its presence on the Italian market, offering specific solutions for Application Delivery / Server Load Balancing, IPv6 migration and Cloud Computing.

A10Networks offers three families of solutions: AX Series Advanced Traffic Management Series Series Bandwidth Management and ID Series Network Identity Management These technologies meet the needs of optimizing and managing access to the applications of companies of any size, improving performance and safeguarding the network infrastructure. , reliability and security but also on the containment of costs and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). A10 supports customers in creating an agile, fluid and dynamic IT architecture that aligns with business needs, minimizing the workload of content delivery servers.

Among the brand awareness actions envisaged by Sidin for the new vendor, including the communication of its technological contents, through the organization of webinars and virtual conference rooms, dedicated to channel operators and industry professionals. When we announce the distribution of a new brand has precistao explains Gian Silvio Galvani, Sidin's Managing Director – we always make our expertise and our experience as a value distributor available to support the vendor at a marketing, commercial and technical level. The common goal: to reach the maximum number of retailers and final customers interested in the technology, to make them aware of the potentialities and the advantages they can obtain by adopting it.

Companies have to face every day the challenges related to the exponential increase in data traffic, to the management of a growing amount of information and complex applications, said Franco Caterino, Country Manager for Italy of A10Networks – and ask for systems able to face these scenarios at better, not compromising the performance of the network or their productivity. Our solutions offer the effective answer to these needs