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Sculley: Apple merges with 3Com

Sculley: Apple merges with 3Com logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple should look for a partner and start thinking bigger. Better if this partner were a protagonist of IT and maybe even of the world of networks. The advice comes from far away, from one of the protagonists of Apple's golden age, when machines with margins of up to 50% were sold in Cupertino and it seemed that nothing could stop the overwhelming success of the computer for others of us. To launch the hypothesis in fact that known John Sculley, as well as for having been the character who has long sat in the chair of CEO (from 1985 to 1993), also for having chased from Apple Steve Jobs. A decision that does not seem, we learn today, determined by the belief that the founder of Apple was good for nothing. Indeed according to Sculley Jobs he would have an "exceptional sense of design and a great capacity for marketing". That, as mentioned, Sculley hopes to see married to a company that has a leading position in networking and networking, such as 3Com example. If so, I would see a huge future for both companies. "Sculley spoke in the context of an interview on the Internet audio news ON24, specializing in services with an economic and financial background. Sculley was ousted by Apple after a very difficult economic quarter caused by high inventories, cuts in list prices and layoffs.

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